Our Products

Our two main business lines, namely, property management services and community value-added services, form an integrated service platform.

The synergistic effects achieved through these two business lines help us to diversify our revenue streams, and to consolidate our relationship with our customers by offering them complementary services.

Property management services

Depending on the nature of the properties that we manage, we provide some or all of the following property management services:

  • security services

  • cleaning services

  • car park management

  • repair and maintenance of specialised elevators, escalators and mechanical car park equipment

  • gardening and landscaping services

  • daily repair and maintenance of equipment and machinery

  • ancillary customer services

Community value-added services

In connection with the residential properties that we manage, our community value-added services include:

  • common area value-added services

  • Fitness service

  • community convenience services